We help our clients address their most pressing challenges, and take advantage of growth opportunities – from strategy to execution.
Our management consulting capabilities are broad. We partner with clients and serve them at all organizational levels in the shape and form that best fits them: from short and intensive support to the leadership to help chart strategies, to long-term engagements where we dive into execution side-by-side with the front-line.

All of which, with the unwavering aim of providing lasting value and enabling our partners’ long-term success.

To achieve this aim, we assemble multi-disciplinary teams of strategists, analysts, and experts who jointly bring to the table the required creativity, rigor and pragmatism. More specifically, we may assist with:

Corporate and business strategy
growth and market entry, turnarounds, business model restructuring, industry and competitive analyses,…

Investment strategy and corporate finance
investment focus, portfolio performance assessment, financial management, opportunity screening and due diligence,…

Performance improvement and value creation
revenue growth, margin improvement, efficiency and restructuring, business excellence, performance management,…

Operating model enhancement
organization (re)design and capability requirements, governance models, management processes and interfaces,…

Execution support and delivering results
PMO, change management, execution taskforce,…
In the quest for value creation, large companies find opportunities in strategic acquisitions and/or divestitures of non-core assets. Corporate leaders often find the task daunting, and they should: more than half M&A deals destroy more value than they create. Taking a structured approach to transactions is the best mitigation of these risks.

At Inventis, we help our clients create value through transactions, keeping a long-term view of how best to capture and retain such value. This is achieved with foresight ahead of a transaction, diligence and track record during, and once the deal is signed, a rigorous follow-through to realize such value when everyone has gone home.

By leveraging our unique operating model combining experts and professionals, we are able to assist clients starting from a strategic perspective on assets down to execution of multiple buy and sell-side situations including:

Mergers and acquisitions
We develop a deal thesis in line with our client’s overall portfolio strategy, assist in identifying and screening targets, taking into account synergy potential and fit with the company’s culture and overall strategy. During the transaction, we answer critical questions and conduct due diligence exercise to validate valuation, synergy potential and the investment thesis. We also advise on structuring options and early post-close integration planning, assist in negotiating agreements and help manage the multiple stakeholders in the process. After closing, we assist in managing integration risks and unavoidable friction.

Joint venture and strategic alliances
Companies may opt to collaborate for multiple reasons – be it facilitation of market entry, access to differentiated capabilities, sharing development risk, unlocking mutual value… we help clients identify optimal partners, evaluate and validate the premise for the partnership, help negotiate agreements and structure the partnership around critical elements that will unlock mutual value. Finally, we help ensure that the shared vision is achieved through clear governance, identified operational efficiencies and working communications channels.

Divestitures, spin-offs, and carve-outs
Whether it is to prune their portfolios to focus on the core, or to generate liquidity events, we help companies proactively address this complex and time-consuming process. We select the most appropriate model, provide a market view of the asset on the back of a vendor due diligence, build a credible exit story, devise a buyer approach and assist in roadshows and auction processes, negotiate terms and set walk-away prices… and in case of carve-outs and spin-offs, prepare the parent company for the event.
It is our strategy to partake in the building and growth of great companies. To do so, we help companies achieve their full potential by bringing to bear our resources and experience. We are true believers in the value added we bring and the principle of aligned incentives.

Growth Management
In selected opportunities, we opt to invest our resources, time and knowhow in companies with large growth prospects. We act as active managers and directors covering a broad set of activities aiming at achieving the growth potential. This includes establishment of new markets, launching of new products, strategy and operating model overhauls and stepping in as interim management. Whatever the case may be, we will roll our sleeves and get things done.