Social Impact

Underpinning our motivation is the impact we make through our work with companies and governments – ultimately benefiting people and society at large. Our advice is genuinely based on improving on the status quo.

Beyond our work, we are also firm believers in giving back to the communities in which we live. On a company and individual level, one step at a time on the thousand step journey, we hope to contribute at the grand scale in three key areas we believe are critical.

Economic Development

Many of today’s complex social woes find their root cause in economic challenges facing people. We help through two vectors:


As one of the major drivers for employment and subsequently improvement of livelihoods, entrepreneurship holds big potential. We, at Inventis, actively support organizations whose aim is to develop entrepreneurs and grow SMEs. For example, we offer, pro bono, our time and support to organizations such as Endeavor, MIT Enterprise Forum and Berytech.

Developmental Organizations

To multiply the impact of our ideas, we collaborate with global development agencies on the world most pressing challenges. For instance, our partners are part of the IMF Advisory Group for the Middle East, and member of the World Bank’s Independent Panel of Experts to review the Doing Business and Competitiveness initiatives. We have also professionally worked with development agencies and organizations including the UNDP and USAID.

Education and Culture

Developing talent and enriching society is a core element of our philosophy


We are committed to helping improve key educational institutions in our countries to graduate the leaders and stewards of tomorrow. Our partners serve on the governance bodies of the Lebanese American University and Universite La Sagesse.


We are engaged citizens who believe in the developmental nature of arts and culture. Artists are at the voices and reflections of our societies, surfacing its intricate beauty as well as hidden challenges. As such, we actively support organizing committees of arts exhibitions, events and support stakeholders of the ecosystem.

Environmental Sustainability

Operating responsibly is not a choice any longer – we believe it is our duty to ourselves and future generations.


We have taken steps to minimize our environmental footprint in the way we work with our clients, as well as internally in our offices. For instance, where possible, we will favor video conferencing over travel, we participate in our cities’ recycling efforts, and encourage energy efficiency, both structurally and as a matter of practice.

Truly, these initiatives and activities are an integral part of our professional and ethical commitment to all our stakeholders – clients, employees, and communities. They are not workplace practices only. They emanate from our values and guiding principles, and are fundamental to who we are.